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Numinous Realm is a psychohistory database company that is refining predictive data models in the worlds of fashion and finance (yes, we're actually making science fiction into reality).We map humanity's collective unconscious history over multiple centuries to generate and curate insights for a deep, creative, actionable understanding of the present moment.Our work aims to support humanity's evolution towards a "planetary civilization".

Climate positive since 2022

Our Database


HistoryEngine is the world's most comprehensive dataset comprising of archetypally tagged historical artifacts. Our dataset includes 20,000 artifacts and counting. Our research program is spearheaded by postgrads trained at CIIS – the home of California's transpersonal community. Our data mining methodology depends upon highly trained human operators deploying a mix of manual excavation and data scraping. HistoryEngine is the ultimate tool to map and predict diachronic trends in society.



Unlocking commercial value and artistic narrative:1) Fashion forecasting based on HistoryEngine generated archetypal trend lines.2) Curating and creating designs based on our theory of archetypal aesthetics.



Identifying growth opportunities to arbitrage market sentiment and support paradigmatic ventures:1) Building an investment thesis based on HistoryEngine generated insights.2) Supporting projects and companies that reflect the zeitgeist.

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