Numinous Realm is a psychohistory research lab mapping "the deep now".Founded in 2016 in San Francisco, California, we map historical correlations between planetary alignments and world events in order to predict and shape the future. Research clusters include the fashion world, financial markets, the art world, and politics. Our work builds upon foundations laid by globally recognized pioneers in the field of transpersonal psychology.

Prediction Platform


HistoryEngine is an archetypally tagged trend prediction platform tracking over 600 years of human evolution across 20,000 artifacts and counting.Our research is spearheaded by postgrads trained at CIIS in San Francisco, CA – a global pioneer in transpersonal psychology research.HistoryEngine is the ultimate tool to map and predict diachronic trends in society.

Fashion World

Unlocking commercial value and artistic narrative. Fashion forecasting based on HistoryEngine generated archetypal trend lines. Curating and creating designs based on our theory of archetypal aesthetics.

Financial Markets

Identifying growth opportunities to arbitrage market sentiment and support paradigmatic ventures. Building an investment thesis based on HistoryEngine generated insights. Supporting projects and companies that reflect the zeitgeist.

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